Hi girls! I get a lot of questions about what to wear and what I should bring to my boudoir session. I know, some of you are probably thinking I know that I need to bring shoes and some jewelry. Some of you, that might not even cross your mind, so that is why I decided to write this post about what to wear for your sessions. Girls, this is your excuse to go shopping..  yay! what girl doesn’t want a great excuse to go shopping?

I would recommend that you bring two or Three outfits and when you are shopping think of color, I like colors that pop! Check out how the colors pop in my images that I captured below, oh how I love pink! One of my ultimate favorite colors specially for my boudoir. And when I am talking about having some color, I don’t mean that you need to match. Check out the girl in the blue top and the green panties. No it doesn’t match but it pops a lot… Now I am not saying if you own an all black outfit that you shouldn’t bring it, but you might not want to only bring one outfit for your whole session, it is nice to change it up with another outfit with color. Don’t forget your super hot heels that you love, they can add a lot, Oh and don’t forget about jewelry. Your necklaces and bracelets are a very good accent to your attire, check out L’s purple bracelet that she is wearing. Yes, the image would have been fine if she didn’t wear one, but just that little color went a long way.

Let’s talk props! Are you thinking about using props for your session? Is your man really into sports? For an example, if he is into football and has a football jersey, bring it and a football. Hockey fan? How about a stick, and a puck? Is it his birthday? Maybe you’d look cute in an apron, with a cupcake…. First Anniversary? Your Veil and Garter perhaps? Is he a policeman? Grab some guns, a badge and a Cop hat…. Doctor? Lab coat and stethoscope? Details and Props are everything, and the sky’s the limit… Just think outside the box. Maybe you want to play-act… You can be the naughty secretary with big glasses, or school girl…. There are tons of different themes you can choose from, just be creative! And have fun with it! This is your moment to feel like a supermodel, so embrace it! Hope this helps!

greensburg boudoir photographer what to wear

Greensburg Boudoir Photographer