Of course you have heard the expression “Beauty is pain”  and well, let’s be honest, it mostly is!  I mean, how many of us have our eyebrows waxed?  Or shave every day?  Or go to the gym and spend an hour on the elliptical, lift weights and do crunches?  Do these things feel  good?   No nearly as good as sitting on my couch taking a snooze!  But we still do it- to look good and feel good about ourselves.  Sometimes, when it comes to your Boudoir shoot it’s the same policy- because one of the very best outfits that makes you look like steamy siren is a CORSET.  You can pick them up at Frederick’s- and I suggest that everyone interested in a Boudoir shoot consider doing so.  Why?  For a couple reasons really… but the best is- it creates a rockin’ shape.  So what if it’s a little hard to breathe and a little hard to move?  Beauty is pain!  J  Besides, it doesn’t have to be the only outfit!  So if you’re considering a boudoir session, and thinking, but what do I wear?  Think Corset!  J