“I Just had my second boudoir shoot with Sara at the first Boudoir Bash and had a fantastic time! She has an amazing knack for getting any woman to feel beautiful and confident in her own skin. No matter what your insecurities, Sara finds a way to showcase your own natural beauty and personality. My first boudoir shoot was about a year ago, and I had an album created as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. when he opened it up, his jaw dropped, and he was speechless… there’s no topping the gift of your own gorgeous self! Now that we got engaged this summer, I had planned to do a second shoot as an engagement present for him. My first shoot was very sweet and natural looking, so I decided to go sultry and GLAM for this one. The amazing makeup and hair professionals for the boudoir bash transformed me into a pin-up girl for the day! This look combined with Sara’s talent made for some amazing shots! I am so thankful to Sara for helping me to embrace my femininity and beauty and to give both my fiance and myself a gift we’ll never forget! You owe it to yourself too!“


“I’ve never been one to have much self confidence. Growing up, I was the “nerdy” kid with braces, glasses and funky hair. And even 25 years later, I still sometimes think of myself that way. Recently, I worked up the nerve to end a long term relationship that left me with serious self esteem issues, not the least of which was the result of remarks about my weight. I was at a point where I really needed a confidence boost but wasn’t sure what to do. I got an invitation to a boudoir bash being held by Magic Your Way Weddings and, even though I was nervous, decided to book a session. I am so glad I did!!! My photographer, Sara, was wonderful. She was professional and at the same time made me feel at ease and we had a lot of laughs during my session. My hair and makeup were done by Gwen and Katie, who made me look absolutely amazing. After years of covering myself up, it was so refreshing to tastefully show a little more of myself and realize I can be beautiful at any age and size. I didn’t do the session for anyone but me, and I wish every woman would do the same as a gift to herself“


“My experience with boudoir started very nervous because I am not the most confident with my body. With guidance and words of encouragement from Sara and the girls, I was able to have a beautiful outcome and would be willing to do it again and this time with the utmost confidence! My photos were beautiful and sexy! Thanks Sara and team!“


“At first I was nervous to do something like this, but Sara made me feel so comfortable and confident. I really enjoyed the shoot, and the pictures looked amazing – I couldn’t believe I could look so sexy. I really enjoyed the whole experience and my husband loved the album as a first anniversary present!”


“My images are absolutely gorgeous!!! I never knew my eyes and facial expressions could be captured like that on camera! It was mesmerizing!!! I also feel so much more confident about myself! I’ve always had an athletic body, but never really wanted to show it off; now I want to show EVERYONE how awesome my pictures look!! I think everyone should get pictures made, if not for a significant other, then definitely for themselves!!”


“Sara did an absolutely PHENOMENAL job during the budoir session I just did with her! I had never done a budoir session before, and was nervous and unsure of what to do, how to pose, etc. Sara made me feel super comfortable and showed me exactly what to do. Sara was very knowledgeable about how to pose and what would look good, yet was sure to get any poses or shots that I myself had requested. She took her time and made sure she got shots that I would be happy with. I could not believe how wonderful the images were when I received them. The final images that I received were amazing. In looking at my final images its clear that not only is Sara great at making you feel comfortable, she is also amazing with how she uses lighting, angles, and other photography skills to make the absolute most of your session. I would go back to Sara in a heartbeat and would highly recommend her to any friend! ”


“My boudoir session with Sara was such an amazing experience. I really had to break out of my comfort zone to even schedule this and I’m so happy I did. Even though we had just met, her warm personality made me feel extremely comfortable. It was like I had known her for years and I was quickly able to get past my insecurities. Sara was very professional and she knows exactly what she is doing. I just followed her lead regarding my poses and I had a great time making it all about me. The entire experience gave me a huge boost of confidence and I feel like a different person. I couldn’t be happier with how the photographs turned out. I’m extremely grateful to Sara and I would recommend her to anyone!”


I had so much fun shooting these pictures with Sara! I was so nervous about taking pictures like this because my body has changed so much over the years. Growing up I was overweight and I decided at age 23 to have gastric bypass surgery. After recovering from that I had several plastic surgery procedures to put things back where they belonged, resulting in several scars around my abdomen. Many years later, I got married and my husband and I decided to try to have a baby. I went off several medications and started to gain back some of the weight I lost. We struggled with our fertility for 3 long years before it was discovered that I had a brain tumor that had to be removed. It is believed that tumor was preventing me from getting pregnant. A few months after my brain surgery I got pregnant with our son! Now, 9 months later, I decided it was time, regardless of how my body looked, to do something for myself and my husband. Baby fat, scars and all! Sara made me feel so comfortable! I wasn’t self conscious at all about the parts of my body I don’t like, or even about all the scars from my surgeries. She made me feel beautiful. I am so thrilled with the pictures and cannot wait to give my husband an album. I hope they will help both of us remember we are still a couple in love and not just Mommy and Daddy. Thank you Sara for a wonderful day and a wonderful gift!