Boudoir Photography is unique. The experience is fun, but most of all, it can change lives. It calls women to be free of the chains of doubt and self-hate, and instead to embrace who they are- and feel beautiful and sexy! The images are sexy, sassy, flirty, fun, and most of all, special. As a Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer, I am so honored to be able to help women let go of their own warped version of themselves (do I look fat in this?) and instead open themselves up to a world full of possibilities. I am honored to get the chance to hang out with these fascinating, smart, and fabulous ladies. And that I help to restore, renew or even give some special woman self-worth. So many women have come to me, saying that their boudoir experience helps give them a new sense of confidence in all aspects of their lives! There can be no greater gift than that for me. I help to bring beauty into the world with my art. And ladies, you are the art! Embrace your beauty, embrace yourself. Check out some of these amazing images! This could be you! You’re worth it! Every woman is beautiful!



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