Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions I have been asked in the past...
What is boudoir?

Boudoir photography is a photography session of you in a very tasteful sexy way. Most women have a session to boost their confidence and feel sexy or to give their husband or fiancé the perfect wedding, anniversary or birthday gift.

Can I bring props for my session & do you have suggestions for props?

Yes of course! It all depends on your theme for your session but you might want to bring baseball hat, jersey, baseball bat, football, gloves, pearls, cupcake and candle for his birthday, guitar etc…

Can I do my own makeup?

We highly recommend that you hire our professional hair & makeup artist or a professional hair and makeup artist that you know. Unless you are a professional makeup artist you might not know about how much makeup to use for your session. Putting makeup on when you are going out on the town with your girl friends is much different then the makeup you will use for a photo shoot. Under our professional lighting in the studio will make your everyday makeup look washed out and not pop! the way we want it to. If you still plan to do your own makeup please apply your makeup much heavier then you would normally do when you are going to work. And please concentrate on your eyes..

Where will my shoot take place?

Your shoot will take place in my private studio in Greensburg, PA and you will receive our address and directions after you have booked your session and it comes closer to your session date.

Do you offer outfits at your studio?

No we don’t have outfits for you to use at the studio. We recommend that you go out and do some before shoot shopping! now who doesn’t like to go shopping.. Don’t forget chunky jewelry and some cute shoes.

Can I bring a girl friend for support?

Yes you may always bring a girl friend for support but please no guys!  

Do you offer boudoir parties?

Yes! we offer a collection called the “Leading Ladies” collection for up to 5 girls at an amazing discounted price.  If you and your friends are interested please contact me and I would be happy to talk to you about it!

Will you post my pictures online on your blog, website or Facebook?

We would love to use your boudoir pictures on our website, blog and social media sites but we know your privacy is very important.  We will NOT use your images online without your permission to use them.  We have shot many boudoir sessions that you have not seen on our website, blog or social media sites just because of this.  

Do you shoot nude boudoir pictures during your sessions?

No I am sorry I do not shoot nude boudoir pictures.  I shoot images that look like you are nude by covering certain areas to make your session look more classy.  So it is more of suggestive then hey I’m here! lol..

Do you offer bachelorette boudoir parties?

Yes! we offer the “Leading Ladies” package for up to 5 girls at an amazing discount.