Welcome to Magic in the Boudoir, I am Sara and I am a Boudoir Photographer located in Greensburg, PA.

Just A Little About Me…

  • I am shy, and insecure (honest, even though it’s hard to tell).
  • I am happily married.
  • I am a born romantic.
  • I love all weddings!
  • Mostly I just like to hang around in pajamas or sweats when I’m not working…
    But sometimes I like to play “dress-up” and feel like a girly-girl. Don’t we all?
  • I love love love awesome shoes. Again, doesn’t everyone?
  • I believe in the healing power of chocolate!
  • I mostly don’t feel beautiful, but I really believe that all woman are beautiful, we just don’t recognize our own worth.

I got into Boudoir photography after having a boudoir session of my own. It changed my life, and the way I feel about myself. A Boudoir session is empowering, and most of all its fun! Every woman should have one cause we are all fabulous!

Check out the site and the packages. We also offer boudoir bashes at a discount (cause who doesn’t love a bargain?) a couple of times a year. You will love it, I promise!